Tulsi Gabbard on Veterans' Healthcare

Key Points

  • As a twice-deployed combat veteran who currently serves as a Major in the Army National Guard, Tulsi is a staunch advocate for military veterans and active-duty service members

  • As Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Post 9/11 Veterans Caucus, Tulsi is fighting for real action that honors the service and sacrifice of our veterans

  • Tulsi has fought for VA reform, accountability for VA leadership, alternatives to VA care whenever needed and legislation to expand and improve veterans’ healthcare


  • Tulsi introduced H.R. 5131- Access to Care and Treatment (ACT) Now for Veterans Act, which directs the VA to reimburse non-VA medical care providers and helps eligible veterans receive care in a much more timely manner

  • Tulsi introduced  and co-sponsored H.R. 5458 - Veterans TRICARE Choice Act of 2016, which was unanimously passed by the House and expands veterans’ healthcare options by allowing veterans to temporarily pause their TRICARE benefits to participate in an employer’s Health Savings Account (HSA) program if they so choose

  • Tulsi was an original co-sponsor of H.R. 4571 - Fair Access to Insurance for Retired (FAIR) Heroes Act of 2017, which improves access to quality healthcare for disabled veterans.

  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 4345 - Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2017, which would authorize federal funding for veteran treatment courts in Hawai‘i and across the United States

  • Tulsi was an original co-sponsor of H.R. 4384 - Veterans Administration Bonus Elimination Act of 2016, which denies certain awards or bonuses to senior executive employees of the Veterans Health Administration who fail to satisfy requests for VA hospital or medical services within the VA's wait-time goals or within the timeline specified by the requesting individual, whichever is later.

  • Tulsi voted for H.R. 5895 - Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, 2019, which included funding for veterans healthcare programs

  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 918 - Veteran Urgent Access to Mental Healthcare Act, which provides initial mental health assessments and mental healthcare to veterans with an other-than-honorable discharge who have deployed and served in combat zones

  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 512 - WINGMAN Act, which allows congressional offices to directly access information on behalf of a constituent without having to go through a middle-man at the VA bureaucracy

  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 3775 - Military Sexual Assault Victims Empowerment (SAVE) Act, which gives survivors the option to seek reimbursable care from non-VA/TRICARE medical providers who can best provide the care these victims need

  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 3474 - Hire More Heroes Act, which exempts veterans who already receive health insurance through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or reservists covered under TRICARE, from being counted towards the number of employees (50) required by the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act


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