Tulsi Gabbard on TPP/Trade Deals

Key Points

  • Hard working Americans have suffered, lost their jobs and livelihoods as a consequence of large trade agreements like NAFTA.

  • Tulsi strongly stood against the TPP, on the basis that it would hurt American workers while boosting the profits of large, multinational banks and corporations

  • TPP would limit  America’s ability to protect our environment, protect against outsourcing, and compete with countries that have lower labor standards and costs.

  • “In exchange for just 0.15 percent boost in GDP by 2032, the TPP would decimate American manufacturing capacity, increase our trade deficit, ship American jobs overseas, and result in losses to 16 of the 25 U.S. economic sectors.”

  • NAFTA has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs, and trade deals like TPP would only make American job losses even worse.

  • Tulsi stands with American workers whose jobs have been sent overseas.

  • Tulsi has voted against allowing trade deals to be fast-tracked: “The implications of these agreements are too important to allow an undemocratic process that empowers special interests and wealthy corporations to dictate America's trade policy”


  • H.R.1295 - Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015: Providing benefits under the TAA for those who have lost their jobs to free trade under NAFTA such as income assistance or new job training.

Tulsi’s Statements/Video

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