Tulsi Gabbard on Syria

 Key Points

  • As part of her long standing efforts to end regime change war policy, Tulsi strongly opposes the illegal war to arm, fund and train terrorist-aligned rebels in Syria to overthrow Assad
  • Tulsi has always emphasized the need to have a clear plan and look at all possible outcomes before going to war. Too many times the U.S. has rushed into regime change war without an intelligent analysis of the potential effects.
  • Human rights in Syria will be absolutely crushed if Assad is removed and al-Qaeda/ISIS are allowed to take over and establish an caliphate in Syria, which is what will happen if the attempt to "dictator topple" Assad succeeds.
  • “Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire has made multiple trips to Syria, and agrees that U.S. support for the regime change is contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and claimed that if the efforts are successful, it could lead to a takeover by armed religious-driven fanatics...” https://www.inquisitr.com/3991486/gabbard-in-syria-upset-is-mostly-about-avoiding-a-future-tulsiorbust-opinion/
  • The pro-war propaganda of regime change is the exact same mentality that got us into the disastrous war on Iraq, Libya and now Syria, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East, the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and costing American taxpayers over $6 trillion dollars

Tulsi’s Courageous Trip to Syria:

  • Tulsi is one of the very few leaders who actually have talked with all sides in the Syrian conflict to learn the truth first hand. "I met with displaced families from the eastern part of Aleppo, Raqqah, Zabadani, Latakia, and the outskirts of Damascus. I met Syrian opposition leaders who led protests in 2011..."
  • Tulsi informed the House Ethics Committee of her trip a month prior to going to Syria
  • For security reasons, journalists and government officials who were aware of her trip kept it confidential until she was safely out of the country
  • Immediately upon return from her trip to Syria, Tulsi published videos, essays and press releases on the details of her fact-finding trip  
  • Tulsi’s trip was absolutely necessary because the information out of Syria has been extremely limited and highly filtered/propagandized
  • Diplomacy is the most effective tool for peace, and far preferable to war and killing
  • Tulsi’s courageous fact-finding trip to Syria has been supported by scores of Syrians, progressive groups, veterans organizations, U.S. political leaders and many others aware of the devastating effects of U.S. regime change war in Syria


  • As part of Tulsi’s trip to Syria, she had an unplanned meeting with Assad, in addition to dozens of religious leaders, citizens, activists including Assad’s political opponents, and others
  • Those who criticize her meeting fail to understand that leaders must willing to meet with our adversaries to further the cause of peace. Communication for peace doesn't happen with friends. Obviously diplomacy sometimes requires interacting with less than savory characters.
  • As member of powerful House Foreign Affairs and Armed Service Committees, it is Tulsi’s responsibility to meet with foreign leaders and to help decide when, where and whether to go to war.
  • Here is but one statement the congresswoman has made critical of Assad: "We all know that Bashar al-assad President of Syria is a brutal dictator but this resolution's purpose was not merely to recognize him as such rather it was a call to action specifically is a call to escalate our war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOY0QZKLf04
  • One of the most disturbing criticisms of Tulsi in relation to Syria has been the idea that anyone who opposes dictator-toppling wars is a “buddy” of the dictator. By that logic, anyone who opposes going to war with North Korea, is a pal of Kim Jong-un. Anyone who opposed the Iraq war was “buddies” with Saddam Hussein, etc. This is obviously a complete fallacy, smear and distortion of the position of those who, like Tulsi, oppose regime change war policy for well thought and fact-based reasons.

Tulsi’s Opposition to Trump’s Bombing of Syria:

  • Tulsi *strongly* opposed Trump’s bombing of Syria for several important reasons:
    • He didn’t seek Congressional approval and Congress is deemed to have sole war declaration authority by the Constitution, unless the U.S. is in imminent danger (which was clearly not the case). His bombing of Syria was unconstitutional.
    • She stated that it sets a very dangerous precedent to make a military attack before a definitive investigation has given us all the information.
    • Trump impulsively bombed Syria without allowing for an investigation of the chemical weapons attack to be conducted by U.N. authorities. The United Nations investigation, that was in process the day before the airstrikes, should have gone forward.
    • This act of war is too grave, and the consequences too far reaching, to be launched without Congressional approval and an international investigation
    • Tulsi’s exact quotes in a Honolulu News Now interview on the bombing:
      • “You know the important thing here is not what I, you, or what anyone else thinks. In these instances you have to rely on evidence. Just yesterday prior to President Trump launching this illegal military strike against Syria...the United Nation’s security councils were working through language to launch an independent international investigation into that chemical weapons attack so that they could determine exactly who was behind it, what happened, what kinds of chemical weapons were there because there is a lot of different opinions about what exactly occurred. Once you do that and you gather evidence then you can determine the course of action that needs to occur from there.”
      • “I’m just looking for the evidence. Maybe President Assad was behind it. If he was, this is a horrific war crime and he should be prosecuted before the international criminal court for that. I would be the first to say that very clearly. Again we’ve got to look at the evidence to see exactly what occurred, who is behind it...”

“Humanitarian” Bill on Syria


  • H. Res 922 No More Presidential Wars Resolution, that would reclaim Congress’ war power authorities by:  1.) making presidential wars, without Congressional approval, an impeachable offense and 2.) prohibit the president from perpetuating ongoing wars or supplying military support without Congressional authorization.
  • H.R. 608 Stop Arming Terrorist Act was sponsored by Tulsi to prevent the U.S. government from directly or indirectly arming groups that are affiliated with terrorist organizations

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