Tulsi Gabbard on Rejecting Corporate Donations / PAC Free

Key Points:

  • Since first running for Congress, Tulsi has refused donations from large industries such as Wall Street, Big Pharma, Tobacco, Liquor, etc.
  • Tulsi is also a PAC free candidate, relying exclusively on individual donations to fund her political campaigns
  • Tulsi has been endorsed by End Citizens United: “As a member of the No PAC Caucus, Congresswoman Gabbard is championing reforms to fix the broken campaign finance system and get Big Money out of politics. She is a dedicated reformer fighting on behalf of Hawaiians, and understands that Washington works best when every voice is heard — not just the wealthiest ones,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller.
  • ECU is a grassroots organization fighting to get big money out of our elections

Tulsi’s Statements/Video:

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