Tulsi Gabbard on Opioid Addiction

Key Points

  • Tulsi is an outspoken advocate against Big Pharma’s efforts to influence policy and mislead the medical community and patients about the dangers of opioid addiction
  • Tulsi is a critic of the established history of corruption between pharmaceutical companies and our federal government
  • Tulsi believes that pharmaceutical companies should be prosecuted and held responsible for the deaths and lives that have been ruined as a result of their greed
  • We need to take back the reins from pharmaceutical corporations and their lobbyists who want to make their own rules, which have been nothing short of disastrous. Here are just a few disturbing numbers:
    • $106 million in pharmaceutical industry lobbying expenses from 2014-2016
    • $1.5 million in contributions to 23 members of Congress who pushed the legislation
    • 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016
  • In 2016, a law championed by the drug industry was snuck through Congress to make it harder for the DEA to crack down on Big Pharma to keep these opioids off the streets. The crisis has accelerated ever since, while the pharmaceutical industry profits. Tulsi has introduced legislation to repeal the 2016 Marino-Hatch law.
  • Tulsi: “The corporate influence over Congress has paralyzed the DEA from taking action against bad actors. We need vast, sweeping change if the DEA is going to be an effective force working on the people's behalf, not the industry they regulate. This is about saving lives.”


  • Tulsi introduced H.R. 5782 - Opioid Crisis Accountability Act of 2018, to hold drug companies and executives accountable for profiting from the opioid epidemic
  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 5124 - Community Opioid Response Act of 2018
  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 664 - Stem the Tide of Overdose Prevalence from Opiate Drugs Act of 2017 (STOP OD Act of 2017), to help state and local governments raise awareness of the dangers of opioids like fentanyl, oxycodone, and heroin, expand educational efforts to prevent opiate abuse, and promote treatment and prevention
  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 2938 - Road to Recovery Act
  • Tulsi co-sponsored H.R. 1245 - Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act
  • Tulsi voted to pass S.524 - Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, which was signed into law
  • Tulsi has called for the repeal of S.483 - Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, also known as the Marino-Hatch Law, which protects pharmaceutical companies from enforcement actions by the Drug Enforcement Administration

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