Tulsi Gabbard on North Korea

Key Points

  • Tulsi has been raising alarms in regard to the threat of N. Korea for years, since she was first elected to Congress
  • She urged Trump to meet with Pyongyang “without preconditions”
  • Tulsi has pointed out that if North Korea had already agreed to get rid of nuclear weapons without talks, there would be no point to the talks -  preconditions never made any sense
  • The development of nuclear weapons in N. Korea are a direct result of the U.S. decades old policy of regime change war; dictators like Kim Jong-un feel the need for nuclear weapons to avoid the fate of someone like Gaddafi, who complied with U.S. and got rid of his nuclear weapons and then was overthrown
  • Tulsi has strongly fought against U.S. regime change war policy because it has been completely counterproductive to U.S. interests and has caused immense human suffering around the world


  • H.R. 757 North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act
  • H.R. 1771 North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act of 2014

Tulsi’s Statements/Video

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