Tulsi Gabbard on Islam/Fighting Islamophobia

Key Points

  • Tulsi is a vocal proponent of freedom of religion for all people and has been one of the strongest voices in Congress to work for the respect and equality of people of Muslim faith.

  • Tulsi was invited by Muslims for Peace to be the keynote speaker for “Prophet Mohammed Day” at Rutgers University. Tulsi’s inspiring message emphasizes the need for religious peace and unity.

  • Tulsi respects the Prophet Mohammed as a representative of God: “As a Vaishnava Hindu...I recognize and respect both Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed as messengers of God, messengers of love, peace, and universal brotherhood.”

  • As someone who has vigorously fought for religious freedom and tolerance, Tulsi has taken a strong stand against Islamophobia in all its ugly forms

  • Tulsi has spoken against Islamophobic statements by President Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham and Ben Carson

    • Tulsi defended Muslims from Ben Carson’s outrageously bigoted statement during the 2016 presidential primary: https://www.facebook.com/TulsiGabbard/photos/a.176069725782788.44124.174866249236469/935087709880982/

    • Tulsi strongly defended Muslims from Donald Trump’s attempt to conflate Islam with terrorism: “Donald Trump is clearly trying to, unfortunately, capitalize on people's fears for his own political gain...It's important for all of us, for leaders in our country, for people in the media, to make a clear distinction from two things. One is the spiritual practice of Islam, the spiritual and religious path that most Muslims follow; and the other is the political Islam or Islamism that's really a totalitarian Islamic supremacy ideology that is fueling these attacks. That's fueled the San Bernardino shooters, that's fueling ISIS, fueling al Qaeda and these Islamic extremist terror groups that are creating such a threat. And that's why it's so important for us to create this distinction to make sure that we know who our enemy is. The ideology that is our enemy, the radical Islamist ideology and not continue to play on fears of people, as Donald Trump is doing.” Source: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1512/08/sitroom.01.html

  • Tulsi is one of the few voices in Congress fighting to end regime change war; the policy of regime change war has caused indescribable death and destruction to the Middle East, affecting primarily Muslim communities.
    • Those who attack Tulsi’s obvious respect and advocacy for Muslims are participating in a blatant smear campaign which belies her own statements and actions.

    • “As one who sees everyone as a child of God, I do not like to see anyone attempt to incite hatred or fear of others because of their religion. This is one reason why, as we discuss terrorist organisations and refer to those terrorists who are waging war against us, I am careful to use language and terms that clearly distinguish between religion and radical, political ideology.” http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1512/08/sitroom.01.html

    • Tulsi treats Muslims with love and respect. Here’s Tulsi speaking with Muslim women in Syria:

    • Here’s Tulsi speaking with young Muslim women after her keynote speech for Muslims for Peace Prophet Mohammed Day:


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