Tulsi Gabbard on Invasive Species

Key Points

  • Invasive species are a serious and potentially devastating problem in Hawai’i, both for agriculture and Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem
  • Tulsi is a strong advocate of sustainable agriculture and has fought for funding and legislation to enact sustainable practices to protect Hawai’i from invasive pests


  • H.R. 5411 Areawide Integrated Pest Management Act (AIPM) to support long-term and sustainable solutions to fighting invasive species
  • H.R. 1402 Tulsi introduced the Macadamia Tree Health Initiative to help fight the macadamia felted coccid, which threatens Hawai’i’s macadamia nut industry. The legislation is supported by the Hawai’i Farm Bureau Federation and local farmers
  • H.R. 5066 State Assistance for Tropical Floriculture Research Act of 2018 to provide funding to develop and research disease-resistant tropical flowers
  • H.R.230 Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019

Tulsi’s Statements/Video

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