Tulsi Gabbard on Houselessness

Key Points

  • “Instead of wasting billions of dollars on regime-change wars, we can invest some of that Peace Dividend to end homelessness across America.” -Tulsi Gabbard
  • Tulsi is a strong advocate for affordable housing and protections for the homeless as well as supporting an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Tulsi has worked hard to obtain federal funding to address the shortage of affordable housing units, which has resulted in Hawaiʻi having the highest per capita rate of houselessness in the country
  • Tulsi has helped obtain federal funding for homeless assistance for Hawaiʻi, $11.7m in 2018, some of which went to housing first projects.


  • Tulsi voted against H.R. 3299 - Protecting Consumers' Access to Credit Act of 2017, which would make it easier for payday lenders and other financial institutions to get around state laws and raise interest rates on loans that target low-income and minority communities
  • Tulsi voted in favor of H.R. 3700 - Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016, which passed, and will enact incremental changes at a number of federal housing programs
  • Tulsi is a co-sponsor of H.R. 1142 which would make permanent and expand the temporary minimum credit rate for the low-income housing tax credit program
  • Tulsi is a co-sponsor of H.R. 3110 - National Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2015
  • During her tenure on Honolulu City Council, Tulsi worked to help pass Bill 54, which is concerned with the cleanliness, public safety, and accessibility of public sidewalks for elderly, children, and the disabled,  It provided a 24-hour notice before confiscating property stored in the public right-of-way. 

Tulsi’s Statements/Video

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