Tulsi Gabbard on DNC Reform

Key Points:

  • Tulsi has made a strong stand against corruption in the DNC
  • Tulsi resigned her post as vice-chair of the DNC, allowing her to formally endorse Bernie Sanders for president
  • Tulsi has fought to end superdelegates, pointing out that lobbyists and unelected party officials should not influence the choice of nominee
  • Tulsi has also pushed for open or same-day registration for Democratic party primaries, to promote voter participation
  • Some members of the Democratic establishment have aggressively tried to punish Tulsi for her stands against DNC corruption:
  • Since Tulsi resigned DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders for president, coordinated attacks in the media and social media have deliberately twisted her record and positions, and even smeared her religion

Tulsi’s Statements/Video:

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