Tulsi Gabbard on Criminal Justice Reform

Key Points:

  • Tulsi is a staunch advocate of criminal justice reform.
  • The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world. Criminal justice reform can help achieve lower crime rates, greater productivity, reduced cost, improved mental health, and many other positive outcomes.
  • Tulsi has denounced the failed War on Drugs, noting that decades of policy that focuses on incarceration over rehabilitation has left generations of people ill-equipped to move on with their lives when they have done their time
  • Tulsi has spoken about the urgent need for criminal justice legislation to reduce recidivism, address the lack of transition for people have served their time, reduce the economic impact of billions spent every year on incarceration, and reduce the human impact of families broken up through incarceration
  • Tulsi has fought against the privatization of prisons; corporations profiting off incarceration is costly, dangerous and inhumane.


Tulsi’s Statements/Video:

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