Tulsi Gabbard on Campaign Finance Reform

Key points:

  • The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the floodgates of “dark money” into politics, tainting the integrity of our democracy
  • Tulsi recognizes campaign finance reform is essential to bring the power back to the people in our democracy. She is fighting to:
    • Get Super PAC money out of our elections and limit campaign contributions so the wealthy don’t have an unfair advantage over our electoral process
    • Limit “dark money” by forcing transparency of outside groups,  corporations, and wealthy donors
    • Enforce and prosecute violations of campaign laws
    • Make voting accessible
    • Empower voters’ influence through a matching program where small donations are matched by government funds
  • Tulsi is a PAC free candidate who takes only individual contributions to fund her campaigns


Tulsi’s Statements/Video:

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